Climbing Tree Nature Play is about providing opportunities for children to explore, create and reconnect with nature.


explore, create and connect with nature.

Like many of you I spent my childhood with all the freedom I could imagine, roaming free in the outdoors. Today, children are facing a very different childhood with technology overtaking their lives and “children spending less time outside than a maximum security prisoner” (Griffin Longley, CEO of Nature Play WA). We are now seeing many detrimental side effects of this nature imbalance, with higher levels of obesity and increases in depression as well as the damaging effects to our environment. Without this contact with nature, how will the next generation learn to love and take care of the very thing that sustains all life?

Thanks to many organizations and some inspirational people there is a real shift in the culture of school learning spaces. It is one of the most inspirational times to be leading the way in your centre and rethinking your learning environments to allow students a beautiful nature-inspired space to learn and play.

When your school or centre is considering exploring the benefits of nature play contact us today to speak about the many options we can tailor to your centre. Whether it be a plan to work with your community to develop or a complete redevelopment of your ground or simply a day of fun outdoor experiences on the school grounds, Climbing Tree can offer it all.

Studies have shown natural play contributes to the overall physical, cognitive, and emotional development of children.

It helps children score higher on tests for concentration and self-discipline, helps them experience more diverse play, and exhibit less aggressive behavior. It helps them strive toward advanced motor fitness, and become healthier overall.

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