Morialta / Muka Muka Rrinthi

Joe Wells Reserve
March 7, 2018

Morialta / Muka Muka Rrinthi

    "Since starting ClimbingTree 3 years ago, after seeing the need to make a change in the opportunities for children to play and learn, we could never have imagined the ground swell and support that would allow us to build our dreams into a public playspace. Sitting back and watching the diversity of play, the laughter, smiles and the joy children get in taking on challenges, is the reason we do this!! What else could warm our hearts as adults, as much as seeing our children having a wonderful childhood and learning the way they know best... Through PLAY!! Thanks to DEWNR for the opportunity to challenge a traditional playspace and create Muka Muka Rrinthi. We hope this is a sign of things to come... truely valuing CHILDHOOD, understanding the meaningfulness of PLAY, the importance of RISK and CHALLENGE, respect and connection to country and its TRADITIONAL OWNERS and the beauty of interactions with NATURE."

    The amazing new nature play space in #MorialtaConservationPark is open! Come and check it out this weekend and tag a friend you'd love to join you. #NationalParksSA

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    The construction of a huge space like Mukanthi nature play space could not have been possible without the input from some incredibly hard working and creative people. We would like to acknowledge the massive effort by Dirtwork Landscapes Pty Ltd for pushing the mountain of dirt, placement of over 200t of rocks and their expert knowledge, JRM Stonework for their amazingly skilled stonework, Allan Sumner (Aboriginal Contemporary Arts) for his expert skill, knowledge and cultural influence, Sticks and Stones for their creek work, Henley Landscapes PTY LTD for their help with the paths, CoCreate for the snakes skeleton, Dylan (Native Habit) for tying the space together with some beautiful natives, the amazing Climbing Tree Creations team Ben, Daniel, Rowly, Scotty, Brett, Isaac, Ross & Keeden and many others who worked behind the scenes and supported this project. We pushed the boundaries for what is possible, negotiating a sometimes complex and unique design brief with many days sludging knee deep through the mud on a challenging slopey site. In the end, we've collectively produced something South Australia can be proud of and we couldn't have done it without all of you. 
    Shout out to Visually Media for the capturing some of the process in this vid... more vids to come!